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I am soliciting offers for my entire inventory. It's time for me to retire. Contact me at 936-676-6375 or



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In the Navigation Panel you can click on the link under the Home Page Link (Inventory Catalog) and see spreadsheet inventories of the areas where I have completed my inventory.

Search. You can search for keywords or names in the search box above. That will show the pages on which your search can be found. It may take a minute or so to complete the search.

Payment. I accept PayPal, personal check, cash and money orders. Lay-aways are accepted for up to 90 days and Holds are accepted for 30 days. All items are shipped within one working day of payment. I also accept silver rounds or coins at $4.00 over spot and gold coins or bullion at $5.00 over spot. Please read my Terms for full details.

NOTICE: Approaching age 80 I am looking for someone to acquire my entire inventory. I am open to offers. Interested parties would need to come to Lufkin, Texas to view my inventory. It is far too large for me to post and I do not have an accurate catalog. There are literally thousands of items. See my Contact page for details on how to reach me. For more details on my inventory, see the My Inventory page. Book value of everything is well in excess of $100,000.00. When I complete this site it will be the best inventory I can come up with, excluding duplicates and similar items.

UNIDENTIFIED ITEMS: In my collection there are a few items I have not identified. These are photographs, autographs, relics, etc. They are all in the Unidentified Items area. If you recognize anything in this area, I would appreciate a heads up.


To purchase anything on this site, please send me a PayPal invoice request at jack@jackalope.,us and include the item(s) you wish to purchase. Your invoice will be sent immediately and will include any discounts and actual shipping charges for the total purchase. The shipping charges in most descriptions are estimates. I combine all orders for shipping costs and do not mark up shipping. Or you can send me a list. Please see my Terms page for details on how to do this.

I hope you will find my site interesting.

I first started building this new site with XsitePro June 22, 2013.

As with most sites, this is a work in progress. I have moved everything worth keeping from my old site - and have deleted that site. My old site contained over 400 pages. I hope to condense down to less than 50. I have dedicated about 4 hours a day to this project.

Below you will find descriptions and in the navigation bar on the right side of each page, links to these various areas.

I have intentionally not made this site a "flashy" one with lots of graphics. I have limited my graphics to jpegs of the various items. There are many sites on the web that have gorgeous graphics designed by some of the best professionals. My intention is to not compete with those in any area other than content and ease of navigation. That is the area in which I hope to shine. Howhever, as I become more competent using XsitePro I will be able to make the site more attractive with color backgrounds on the pages and will be able to make navigation easier once I learn how to edit the navigation panel.

Once completed, this site will be both my catalog and an inventory of everything I have that is for sale.

If you would like a larger picture or have any questions about any item, please email me at

Miscellaneous Collectibles - This area contains items that do not fit into any of my other areas.

Books & Ephemera - This area is broken down into Signed and Multi Signed Books, Used Books, New Books, Audio Books, Video DVDs, and Ephemera (historical newspapers, documents, etc.)

Relics - This area is broken down to Civil War, Ancient, and Other. Included are framable displays I have created using some of the excavated relics.

Fossils & Minerals - This area is broken down into two areas - fossils and minerals. There are numerous interesting items, including a few giant Megalodon shark's teeth.

Yard Sale and Other Items - This area contains everything else - both collectibles and yard-sale type items.

Free Research Area - This is an incredible research area that contains many, much very difficult to find data. Also on most of my descriptions of subjects you will find lengthy bios. Some of these files were lost when my old website crashed. I hope to be able to recreate those missing ones.

Interviews - This area contains a number of personal interviews my friend, Colin Heaton, had with military notables.

Links - This page contains numerous links (including descriptions) of sites you may find interesting. Included are sites of varied areas of interest.

Contact - This is our contact page with details on the various way of contacting us and a little other pertinent information.

About Me - A brief biography that is likely be of little interest to most. My likes and dislikes might be interesting, though.

Blind - A page where members of forums that do not allow attachments can post items for other members to view.